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Group Rate Impact Estimator for Your Employees

Please use this tool to calculate the impact of adding an employee/family to your group, or to estimate the rate change when making modifications to an existing employee's policy. Please note that this is not a quote, but an estimated rate impact based on the information provided.

Please complete all information marked as required to calculate a rate.

Please note: These are estimated rates and are based on the information provided. Rates for children under age 21 are limited to the oldest three dependents under age 21. Final rates are subject to meeting enrollment and eligibility criteria. Dental is not included in the estimated rate.

Tobacco Information

Have you or any of your dependents used any tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah, cigars, smokeless tobacco, etc., on average 4 or more times per week within the past 6 months, not including for religious or ceremonial use?

Tobacco Cessation Information

Do you agree to participate in a Tobacco Cessation Program?